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A few common (and good) questions:

  • How do I buy a Barrett rifle?

    It’s simple. All you have to do is go to your local federally licensed firearm dealer (FFL Dealer) and ask him or her to contact us. Barrett can’t sell rifles directly to the public. But we can immediately send your rifle of choice to your dealer. The price and method of payment is between you and your firearm dealer.

  • Does Barrett make rifles designed specifically for left-handed shooters?

    No. However, the Model 99® is easily fired from either shoulder.

  • Can I install a suppressor on my Barrett Model 82A1® rifle?

    Installing a suppressor on your Model 82A1 will void your warranty and may also damage your rifle. The only 50 caliber semi-auto rifle manufactured by Barrett that is suppressor capable is the M107A1.

  • What bullet is in the Barrett .50 BMG M33 Ball ammunition?

    This ammunition contains a copper-jacketed, mild steel core, boat tail bullet.

  • What muzzle velocity should I expect with .50 BMG M33 Ball ammunition?

    Your speed will vary based on temperature and altitude, but generally the velocity is as follows: Model 82A1® 20" barrel: 2,470 fps Model 82A1® 29" barrel: 2,750 fps Model 99® 25" barrel: 2,246 fps Model 99® 29" barrel: 2,750 fps Model 99® 32" barrel: 2,800 fps Model 95 29" barrel: 2,750 fps

  • What muzzle velocity should I expect with .416 Barrett ammunition?

    The Model 99® 32" barrel chambered for .416 Barrett fires a 400-grain machine-turned solid brass ball projectile at approximately 3,250 fps.

  • What is the maximum effective range for the .50 BMG and .416 Barrett rifles?

    Because so many variables influence this answer (type of ammunition, target size, optics quality and power, shooter ability and experience, weather conditions, etc.), we warn shooters that a bullet fired from any large-caliber rifle can travel as far as five miles.

  • What finish is on a Barrett rifle?

    Generally speaking, the steel parts are “parkerized” and the aluminum parts are Type III, hardcoat anodized. Parkerizing is also known as mil spec standard STD171 manganese phosphate. Many of our rifles are also Cerakoted.

  • Does Barrett offer any camouflage or other color rifles?

    Barrett doesn’t offer customization services at this time. Check back periodically for special makeups offered by our authorized distributors.

  • Does Barrett sell stainless steel barrels?

    No. See above answer.

  • How do I order parts, and how do I determine what part to order?

    Your operator’s manual and our website both have exploded parts views and corresponding parts lists (except for the M468). You can order spare parts kits from our online store. These kits are the most economical way to get all the spare parts you’ll most likely need. Some individual parts are also available in our online store. If you need to order parts that aren’t online, please go to our technical assistance link.

  • What is Barrett Heavy Bore Cleaner?

    It’s a biodegradable, nontoxic and nonflammable chemical that contains no ammonia. It’s sold in 16-oz bottles.

  • How does Barrett Heavy Bore Cleaner work?

    First, it reconfigures the copper’s electric state. Then, a binding agent acts as a magnet to attract the copper for easy removal. The cleaner also removes carbon fouling.

  • Will Barrett Heavy Bore Cleaner work on pistols?

    Actually, it works especially well on pistols. Owners of pistols that can only fire copper-jacketed bullets have reported excellent results.

  • Will a Model 82A1® carry handle fit on the optics rail of other models?

    This carry handle will fit on any M1913 optics rail. However, it might not function well because of scope clearance conflicts and the inability to install it at the rifle’s balance point.

  • What is the magazine capacity for the Model 95?

    Five rounds.

  • What is the magazine capacity for the Model 82A1®?

    Ten rounds.

  • Will a Model 82A1® magazine fit in a Model 95?


  • Will a Model 95 magazine fit in a Model 82A1®?


  • What does .50 caliber recoil feel like?

    People ask this a lot, but even novice shooters don’t usually have a problem with recoil. It feels more like a rapid push than a sharp kick. Much of the recoil in both the .50 BMG and .416 Barrett is reduced by the muzzle brake. The main spring and the barrel springs in the Model 82A1® reduce the recoil even more. Plus, our large-caliber rifles all weigh over 20 pounds, which also helps.

  • What is the scope rail elevation on a Model 82A1®?

    The Model 82A1 scope rail is angled at 27 MOA. Older Model 95 and Model 99® scope rails are parallel with the bore, but newer models of both have a 27 MOA rail.

  • Does Barrett have a service that can change one caliber or length of barrel for another?

    No. Since Barrett doesn’t routinely stock replacement barrels, we don’t offer this service.

  • Does Barrett cryogenically treat barrels or other parts?

    Our rifles contain many heat-treated parts, but we don’t “freeze” any parts.

  • Which is your most accurate model?

    Because of its rigid design, chamber configuration and barrel tolerances, most shooters find that the Model 99® is the most accurate.

  • What is MOA?

    MOA is the abbreviation for minute of angle. There are 360 degrees of angle in a full circle. Each of these degrees can be further divided into 60 minutes of angle. Defined loosely, the angle of one MOA equals one inch at 100 yards. If you were to extend this angle to 1,000 yards, one MOA would be 10 inches. (Without getting into geometry, but to satisfy inquiring minds, the true MOA at 100 yards is 1.0476 inches, or 10.476 inches at 1,000 yards.)

  • What is your recommended barrel break-in procedure?

    Because individual barrels, powder, primer and bullet combinations vary widely and because shooters usually have pretty strong personal opinions on the subject, we don’t offer a specific procedure. We do, however, recognize that a clean barrel shoots better. We also recommend that you not overheat your barrel, especially when it’s new. Our experience has shown us that the bore will begin to be less prone to fouling over time and that accuracy increases as this happens.

  • Which scope should I use on my Barrett large-caliber rifle?

    It depends on what you can afford. (There are moderately priced scopes that perform well.) It also depends on your planned shooting conditions. In low light conditions and at extremely long distances, top quality glass is superior to lesser quality glass, but it’s also much more expensive. Many experienced shooters prefer scopes with generous elevation travel. Some shooters prefer a standard duplex reticle, while others can make full use of complex ranging reticles. The only thing we can recommend for sure is that your scope should be as rugged as your Barrett rifle.

  • Was my rifle sighted in before it left the factory?

    If your rifle was sold as a kit (meaning it came with a scope from Barrett) it was bore-sighted at 100 meters before it shipped. You still need to zero the scope for your own preferences, but your first shot should be “on the paper.” Although it’s always possible that someone moved the turrets after it left the factory.

  • Can I shoot a “bore rider” bullet in my .50 BMG or .416 Barrett rifle?

    No. The chambers are not cut for bore rider cartridges.

  • What is the warranty on Barrett rifles?

    Click here to read about our Rifle Warranty.

  • How are your rifles distributed?

    We sell rifles to distributors and directly to federally licensed firearms dealers (FFL Dealers).

  • What are the prices of your rifles?

    Retail price list reflects U.S. commercial sales only. For international, military or law enforcement pricing, please contact us.

  • Are Barrett rifles legal to own or possess in my state?

    That depends. You may live in a jurisdiction that restricts caliber or magazine capacity. First, we recommend that you elect politicians who will change those laws. If you can’t do that, then we recommend that you move to an area that obeys the United States Constitution. In any case, we don’t offer legal advice on what you can or can’t own. Check with your local law enforcement official.

  • I’m a FFL Dealer. How do I order products from Barrett?

    To obtain a list of our dealer prices simply click here to automatically verify your FFL and have our dealer price list emailed to you. You can also order from one of our distributors also located on that page.

  • Does Barrett sell replacement receivers?

    No. Although some hobby gunsmiths have requested them for “project guns,” we don’t sell our receivers.

  • Does Barrett sell used rifles?

    No, not usually, however on rare occasions we will sell dealers our demo rifles.

  • Does the Barrett factory offer tours?

    Unfortunately, as proud as we are of the factory, we can’t give you a tour. First, we have OSHA rules. Second, being a defense contractor, we have DOD rules. We’re also trying to keep up with production demands.

  • Is the Model 82A1® a “Class 3” weapon?


  • Does Barrett recommend firing corrosive ammunition?

    Absolutely not. This can damage your firearm. Damage due to firing corrosive ammunition is easy to detect and is not covered under the warranty agreement. However, if you have been forced by necessity or have accidentally fired corrosive ammunition, the following specialized cleaning procedure applies: As soon as possible after firing the corrosive ammunition, thoroughly scrub the bore and bolt face with very hot soapy water. The soapy water will neutralize the salts which attract oxygen to the steel surface. When the metal is clean, rinse the surfaces with very hot water. Wipe off excess moisture. (The residual heat in the metal will evaporate moisture.) Continue cleaning the rifle using procedures specified for noncorrosive ammunition. Or, if temporary transportation or storage is necessary, coat all surfaces with rust preventive or light oil.

  • Does Barrett offer configurations made to customer specifications?

    No. We do not have a custom shop operation.

  • What does a muzzle brake do?

    A muzzle brake reduces recoil. Your large-caliber rifle was designed to always be fired with the factory installed muzzle brake. Never fire your rifle without the muzzle brake or with an aftermarket muzzle brake.

  • How strong are Barrett large-caliber rifles?

    All Barrett rifles are fired with proof loads. Only then do they receive the proof stamp.

  • What is a .416 Barrett cartridge?

    The .416 Barrett cartridge uses the same bolt face as a .50 BMG. It fires a .416 diameter bullet. The case is of proprietary dimension and is not simply a necked-down .50 BMG.

  • Does Barrett offer hunting ammunition for my .50 BMG or .416 Barrett?

    Not at the moment. Be sure to check your local regulations. Hunting with nonexpanding bullets is illegal in some states.

  • Why do you chrome line the chamber on your large-caliber rifles?

    Chrome lining the chamber helps resist corrosion and improves extraction reliability.

  • What is the difference between an M107® and a Model 82A1®?

    Actually, there are a couple of differences. The M107 is issued with “spike feet” bipods, and the 82A1 is issued with “smooth feet” bipods. Also, the M107 is issued with the monopod, but the monopod is optional for a Model 82A1.

  • Will my 5.56 upper work on a Barrett 6.8 lower?

    Yes. If your upper is mil spec dimensioned, it will fit and operate on a Barrett M468.

  • When is the XM-500 going to be available?

    The “X” in the designation means it’s experimental. In other words, it may or may not ever be manufactured. (Our 25-mm cannon, the XM-109, is a pretty cool experimental gun too.) We’re always working on the next big thing, though, so keep your eyes open.

  • I have a full auto lower. Will the M468 or REC7® work with it?

    Both of these products will work with a semi-auto and full auto lower.

  • Errors and Omissions

    We make every attempt to ensure product details on this website are accurate. Errors will be corrected where and when discovered. Prices, availability of products and included accessories are subject to change without notice. Price differences related to future or past prices in our store or any other store are not refundable. We reserve the right to revoke any stated offer, cancel orders, and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any stated offer or price, including after an order has been submitted and whether or not the order has been confirmed and your payment processed.

    If your payment has already been processed for the purchase when your order is cancelled, we will issue a credit to the payment method used in the amount of the charge. Individual bank policies will dictate when this amount is credited to your account. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may return it in accordance with our Return Policy.

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