98B® Recall

Safety Notification

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc., has determined that Model 98B rifles can experience a safety issue if the rifle is dropped or subjected to a significant impact. This could lead to an accidental discharge. This condition can be easily corrected by factory replacement of the receiver safety latch.

If you currently own a Barrett Model 98B between Serial Number 98B00003 through 98B00775, do not attempt to operate or fire your rifle until it has been examined by our Service Department. For further information, call Barrett Customer Service at 615-896-2938 between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Central Time. Tell our customer service representative that you are calling about the Model 98B safety recall.

Barrett Firearms will arrange to have your lower receiver returned to the factory and modified at no charge.

Barrett Firearms apologizes for this inconvenience and is dedicated to resolving the situation.


Step 1: Fill out the Model 98B Safety Recall Registration below. When completed, click on the submit button to send your registration to Barrett Firearms. Print a copy of the registration form for your records.

Step 2: Barrett Firearms will send you packing instructions, a shipping box and a return shipping label for the FREE return shipment of your Model 98B lower receiver.

Step 3: When you receive the shipping box from Barrett, please follow the enclosed instructions when packaging the lower receiver. Instructions for the disassembly of the lower receiver from the upper receiver will be included. You may also review these instructions on page 15 of the Operator’s Manual. Please remove all accessories from the lower receiver (magazine, monopod and lock knob). Place the FedEx shipping label on the box and return to a FedEx shipping location or drop box, or arrange for a pickup. For more information regarding FedEx locations, please go to www.fedex.com.

Step 4: Barrett will perform the necessary modification to the lower receiver and return it to you FREE of charge. Barrett will also send you a FREE extra magazine as a Thank You for your patience and cooperation. Barrett will make every effort to return your lower receiver within one week.