Acquisition FAQs

Barrett Commercial FAQs


What is changing?
From January 2023, Barrett Firearms will become part of the NIOA Group, a fellow family-owned company based in Australia. Visit the NIOA website at or click here to view the NIOA LinkedIn page.

Why is this happening?
As Barrett looks to its next phase of growth, the Barrett family and senior Barrett leadership saw the NIOA Group as a company that is strongly aligned with our values and mission to provide world-leading products for decades to come.

Why did the Barrett family decide to sell the business to an Australian company?
Barrett Firearms is a very successful company with a tremendous workforce that makes great products and as such the NIOA family identified the company as sharing the same ideals, commitment to quality and innovation and a business with a bright future. Since 2008, NIOA has built a sound and respectful relationship with Barrett as the distributor of several products to the Australian Defense Force.  And as such the Barrett family felt selling the business to NIOA was a good business fit, allows for further success, and complements the existing Barrett way of doing business.

Will the company name change?
Barrett Firearms will continue to operate under the Barrett brand as its own separate division within the NIOA Group.

Will the business relocate?
Barrett will continue to operate at the existing facility in Murfreesboro.

Will the Barrett organizational structure change?
Sam Shallenberger has been promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer while Bryan James will take on the role of President. All current Barrett reporting structures will remain unchanged.

Will the Barrett family members still be involved with the business?
Ronnie and Chris Barrett will provide ongoing support as executive advisers to Barrett and the NIOA Group.

Who is NIOA?
Established in 1973, the NIOA Group is the largest Australian-owned supplier of munitions to the Australian and New Zealand Defense Forces, law enforcement agencies, and commercial markets. NIOA is a major tenant at the Australian government-owned company operated munitions facility in Victoria, Australia and is a joint venture partner in the Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions (RNM) plant in regional Queensland, Australia. As the provider of firearms, weapons, munitions and technical support for critical defense programs, NIOA works with multiple Australian and international defense companies, including long-standing relationships with American companies such as Vista Outdoors, Leupold, General Dynamics, the Winchester-operated Lake City ammunition plant, Northrop Grumman and Day & Zimmerman. The NIOA Group also includes the Australian Missile Corporation which is an Australian enterprise partner for the Australian Government’s Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance enterprise.

How will this change in ownership impact me?
All current Barrett customer service processes will continue as normal, and retailer/distribution arrangements and procedures will continue as normal.

Does this impact civilian sales in the United States?
Barrett will continue to produce rifles, parts and accessories for the commercial and civilian markets in the United States.

Where and to whom should accounts be sent now?
All accounts contacts and processes with Barrett will remain unchanged.

Are the contracts/purchase orders we have in place still valid?
All existing contracts and orders will remain unchanged.

Will my business/organization be required to seek any new certifications?
All current certifications and licenses used when dealing with Barrett are unchanged.

Will pricing and the Barrett product offering change?
All pricing, specifications and products will remain unchanged.

Will warranties still be honored?
Barrett will continue to honor warranty claims for all its products.

Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?
All current Barrett staff will be retained in their respective roles. It is not anticipated that there will be any changes to individual roles because of the NIOA Group acquiring Barrett.

Who do I call if I have a question?
Any customer questions should be directed to your sales representative or the customer service team.