DARC – Direct Action Resource Center

DARC – Direct Action Resource Center

If you’ve seen our recent trade show video, you might have speculated where it was filmed.  There are many training facilities scattered across the country, but one in particular caught our attention – DARC (pronounced “Darcy”).  For more than fifteen years, DARC has provided unsurpassed service and training to U.S. and international Special Operations communities, with an excellent record of safety and client satisfaction.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anything that DARC can’t do.  They offer tactical training, firearms courses, medical courses, tactical parachute courses, vehicle operations, anti-terrorism and force protection… the list goes on and on.  The facilities are also stretched over 45,000 acres across four locations in the USA; Washington, California, and two locations in Arkansas.

We filmed at DARC-1 in Little Rock, AR., which is the largest urban warfare training center in the US.  It has a multitude of training scenarios at its disposal, as well as a long-range course, airplane silo, helicopter training platform, and several CQB houses… though simply calling it a CQB house isn’t doing justice.  Sprawling concrete villages is more like it and they all created complex angles and tactical problems that were perfect for the camera.

We couldn’t have done it without their support and we owe them a ton of thanks.

Enjoy a random YouTube video of an LE counter terrorism course at DARC-1.