Barrett Success for Homeland Security

Barrett Success for Homeland Security

The United States Department of Homeland Security, under its Customs and Border Protection Service, scored a major hit with a Barrett rifle on Thursday, October 27th in South Florida.  Agent Nelson Marchland said that 14 people were captured, eight of whom are known criminals, as they tried to enter the country illegally by boat.

He said, “We had a tip that the boat was headed to our shores with illegal aliens and contraband on board.  Operating during the nighttime hours from a Blackhawk helicopter, we followed them as they approached American waters at a high-rate of speed.  The operator did his best to evade us by making unusual maneuvers with the boat through the water.”

“We were required to identify ourselves and fire warning shots, but the boat kept moving.  Being trained with the Barrett M107, I was able to hit one of the boat props to disable the vessel.  They allegedly threw the contraband overboard during our pursuit.”

“We arrested the operator and his assistant, who were charged with smuggling illegal immigrants into the country.  Eight of those arrested had criminal charges already pending against them.  Our mission was accomplished without causing personal injury to any of the accused thanks to the Barrett rifle.”

Marchland added, “To my knowledge, this is a first for our division under Homeland Security. We are proud of the training provided by Barrett Firearms, especially from Don Cook who taught us Armor’s courses.”