Quality – Custom Built

Quality – Custom Built


Barrett Firearms builds quality into every rifle manufactured at its world-headquarters in Murfreesboro.  Many of the Barrett employees are former military, and they know first-hand that the chances are that the products will wind up in the hands of brave American soldiers somewhere in the world.

In addition to quality being built into the manufacturing process, there are over 100 steps in the evolution of the rifle to further assure its quality performance.

One area of the manufacturing process where quality is exemplified is welding.  The welding team performs what is termed “finesse welding” and the tolerances are so demanding that robots could not replicate the process. In fact, a company that excels in robotic manufacturing was asked to bid on doing some welding for Barrett.  When the tolerances were described, the company acknowledged that it could not meet the Barrett quality standards.

Another area at Barrett where quality is synonymous is the assembly department.  Typically in a manufacturing environment, an assembly line allows different technicians to contribute to the process.

At Barrett, in the interest of quality, each rifle is assembled by one technician.  That technician knows the rifle so well, that if it does not look or feel completely right, the problem would be detected immediately.  Each assembly technician must put his stamp of approval on each rifle as others before him have done; all part of the quality procedure.