Tours for Charity

Tours for Charity


Ralph Vaughn giving a tour.

Telephone calls come to Barrett almost daily with a question.  Do you offer public tours?  Since Barrett is a closed shop with security issues and production schedules to meet, the answer is “no”.

Because of the widespread interest in how the Barrett products are manufactured, company founder Ronnie Barrett decided last year to offer a few select number of tours to benefit charities, primarily Friends of the National Rifle Association since Barrett is on the NRA Board of Directors.

The result from the first year of charitable tours generated over $50,000 for educational programs for youth in shooting safety, and for non-profit organizations such as Domestic Violence, Wounded Warrior, Yellow Ribbon and others.

In 2011, donations to charitable causes should exceed $100,000 through private tours at Barrett Firearms. Those taking the tour are shown how raw product enters the building and turned into a world-famous Barrett rifle.

For more information about supporting Tennessee Friends of the NRA or some area charities through Barrett Firearms, contact Ralph Vaughn at (615) 896-2938 or