Vertical Barrel Lapping Machine

Vertical Barrel Lapping Machine


John Bolick, Industrial Engineer & Designer of the vertical barrel lapping machine

Horizontal barrel lapping machines are normally used in rifle manufacturing to smooth out the bore, which increases accuracy. While we have one of those, too… meet Barrett’s vertical barrel lapping machine. I know what you’re thinking, but no, this isn’t a standard horizontal barrel lapping machine turned on end to save space.

One of the more unique pieces of machinery here at Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc., it was built in-house by one of our own for the special purpose of slip-fitting the barrel’s accuracy ring inside the barrel stop of our Model 82A1/M107 rifles. Because of the rifle’s reciprocating barrel, accuracy demands a consistent place for the barrel to return to battery. Before this machine existed, it would take a person repeatedly pushing themselves to exhaustive limits, manually forcing the barrel downward against the recoil springs to seat the accuracy ring.

Now this machine is able to mount four barrels of standard or “CQ” length and is electronically controlled to sense when all components are seated properly and power down automatically – all within a few minutes.

Check out the video to see it in action.