K&M Shooting Complex was designed to be the preeminent long range and firearm training facility in the nation. A comprehensive plan was shaped from decades of experience in the community and a broad comprehension of the best ranges, military facilities and shooting complexes across the country. K&M Shooting Complex was drawn from the ground up, designed and built for the exclusive purpose of facilitating training. Our members benefit from a wide ranging and complete curriculum where the training program dictates the facilities, not the other way around.

K&M invites others to judge the facility and training with confidence. In the meantime, they continue to train hard and do it in a manner that represents the community responsibly. K&M encourages you to do plenty of research and are confident that you will not be disappointed.




The K&M Shooting Complex is located near Jackson, Tennessee; a little over an hour away from Memphis and 2 hours from Nashville.  Nearby cities of Henderson and Jackson both offer all desired services and are within 30 minutes from the Complex.

Barrett Headquarters
P.O. Box 1077
Murfreesboro, TN, 37133

Phone - 615.896.2938
Fax - 615.896.7313