MRAD Barrel Makers Kit “A” 338 Family


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MRAD Barrel Maker Kits are available for end users to enlist a competent gunsmith to create a custom barrel for their MRAD in the desired caliber, barrel length, twist rate and suppressor/muzzle brake thread pitch.  *Barrett can not support through warranty or otherwise any custom work performed and is not responsible for any issues that potentially arise from improper work performed or user error with barrel or magazine/cartridge compatibility.
KIT A Fits 338 Lapua & Norma Magnum (including 300 NM) Family of Cartridges
KIT B Fits 300 Winchester Magnum Family of Cartridges
KIT C Fits 308 Family of Cartridges
All kits include:
1. Barrel Extension
2. Bolt
3. Barrel Extension Jam Nut
4. Ejector Roll Pin
5. Ejector Spring
6. Ejector
7. Extractor
8. Ejector Spring
9. Instruction Card