240LW & 240LWS

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240 LW | 240 LWS


Our nation has been at war, on several fronts, for nearly two continuous decades. Among the multitude of lessons learned about firearms and equipment, the most universal can be summarized very simply: ounces equal pounds; pounds equal pain. Understanding that speed and agility are critical factors in winning a gun fight, Barrett took a fresh look at the combat-proven 240 machine gun; a firearm in service with American forces for the last 40 years. The end result of this exercise is the revolutionary 240LW & 240LWS family of machine guns.

Utilizing modern manufacturing techniques and materials, Barrett has brought this tried and true design into the 21st century, reducing system weight by over 25% compared to legacy models. The Barrett 240LW & 240LWS eliminate the original heavy receiver that is riveted together and prone to corrosion in favor of a forged design that is precision machined and welded. These efforts have reduced the overall weight of the 240LW by 5.5 pounds and the 240LWS by 6.6 pounds, and reduced total receiver parts count from 64 to just 2. No extra steel, no rivets to vibrate loose, no rare/exotic materials—just common sense and solid engineering.

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